How I Started...


I've always had a passion for photography and that really took off when my husband bought me my first DSLR. My favorite pictures are always those that show true emotion and invoke feeling, allowing you to relive that moment. I am drawn to a more candid and relaxed style of photography. While each session includes a "stand there-look here" portion, you can expect a laid back and hopefully enjoyable experience! All sessions are done on-location, I will work with you to find the best time and location for your session. I personally love classic black and white photographs, matte finishes and subdue colors.

Aside from pursuing my dreams in photography, I am a full time mother, wife, and engineer. While I can certainly accommodate sessions during the weekday from time to time, I hope to appeal to other busy schedules by offering weeknight and weekend sessions. I know how busy we can all get with our day-to-day lives, taking some time to get some great photographs shouldn't be a hassle or stressful (I have kids, I know how that can be)!

Children, family and happy couples are some of my favorite photography subjects. Don't fit the mold or looking for something unique or specific? I'd love to hear about it!